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PureVPN Coupon Code

Virtual Private Networks, more commonly known as VPN’s, are online tools used to hide a user’s online location. This was their initial purpose but they have changed over the years and now have a lot to offer including data encryption and allowing access to blocked sites. PureVPN is one of the VPNs and lately, it has caught a lot of people’s attention warranting this review. I tried it out so I could figure if my honest review would match their greatly advertised features and in the end, I found that to be absolutely true!

Features of PureVPN

For starters, you have to create a PureVPN account. You can create an account on your Mac, Linux, Windows, and Android. With this VPN, you can log in to your account on up to 5 devices simultaneously.
Another thing is, they have multiple security protocols. With the L2TP, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN and Stealth Protocol you can send sensitive information without having to worry about hackers.
The primary goal of VPN is hiding your IP address. However, a VPN may leak your IP address. The great thing about PureVPN is that they give complete protection against IPV6 and DNS leak. This ensures that you stay anonymous the whole time you are online.
Plus, you can switch to multiple servers with any account. PureVPN has a large number of servers which allows you to mask your location with over 88000 IP addresses in up to 141 countries.
I particularly loved these features as I get to bypass Geo Restrictions. I was even invisible to my ISP provider and so I nowadays avert speed throttling.
PureVPN users are therefore guaranteed of security as they venture into the online world. You will be sure of privacy even when you send huge loads of sensitive data. This is made possible by their unlimited bandwidth with all accounts.


PureVPN has 583 fully optimized servers distributed all over the globe. There are distributed as;

  1. 249 in Europe
  2. 150 in North America
  3. 26 in South America
  4. 8 in Central America
  5. 80 in Asia
  6. 36 in Africa
  7. 34 in Oceania

When you log in, you will be automatically connected to the fastest server. If you, however, feel the need to switch to a different switch to a different server, you can easily be redirected.


The PureVPN comes bundled up with powerful features, features too good as compared to the price it goes for, and the performance does not disappoint. Many believe that the major shortcoming of the VPN is that it slows down internet access and connectivity as compared to other networks. But having personally tested the latest PureVPN, it nearly doubles your download speed time and its results are largely acceptable!
The upload speed also maintains a consistency throughout the entire process and streaming in of videos is point blank seamless. All factors determining the browsing and download speed being held constant, the PureVPN clearly outshines its competitors. The PureVPN also offers their browser extension services to users on Google Chrome and the Mozilla Firefox. The installation is surprisingly fast and lightweight. The VPN Hotspot is also a total bonus. It configures a wireless hotspot, turning the host computer into a VPN router.
The latency of the PureVPN as compared to other VPN servers shoots up by 6%. However, the download speeds are up to 345% which is basically unheard of. The PureVPN also makes use of images and provides you with the connection status and session duration as you carry on. It is therefore easy for you to keep track of your operations as you carry on.


Many VPN users question: is the safety of the VPN guaranteed? From the tests conducted on the VPN where we downloaded several apps in different devices and searched repeatedly for any flaws and weaknesses, we can confidently ascertain of the security offered. The installation is quick despite the system you choose to use.
Upon the creation of a billing account, you set up a 12 character password. You then receive an email which then gives you your very own username and password which are not in any way linked to your originals and cannot be traced back to you. At first, it may appear to be confusing, but you eventually get the hang of it with time and even come to appreciate the fact that it works towards reinforcing your anonymity.
If your desire is simply browsing the web, they have security and privacy as the default settings. They also provide menus, Protocols, from whence you choose one of the available ones. Each protocol has a security code which is completely different from one another. It also comes with a global map, which then allows you to override the recommendations and limits within your jurisdiction. It also comes with a list of all servers that you can access at the moment, from where you choose. The PureVPN supports a wide range of platforms; SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN, to name just a few, and they all come with similar security levels.
Best of all, the PureVPN keeps your IP address hidden, protecting you from any attacker. It also does not keep a record or history of any sites you visit or whatever activity it is that you do. Better yet, you can access any website termed as ‘restricted’ or banned from any server you connect to.
Despite the PureVPN headquarters being based in Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong does not have data retention regularities, in spite of the many Chinese restrictions. Their services are therefore not authorized to store user data. Plus, they have no ads in their user web, which many a time proves to be a nuisance. It, therefore, does not get in your way while using the internet and primarily focuses on security and privacy provision. If you want to be safe, anonymous and secure with whatever you do when online, PureVPN is ultimately the way to go.


The PureVPN has three main options when it comes to pricing of their services.
You can use their services at a monthly cost of $10.95, or pay $8.95 for an entire six months, which goes without saying that you pocket 18% as compared to the previous one, or for two whole years at $2.95 a month where you maximize on the savings. As if that was not good enough, each payment package has a 7 days money back guarantee, where if the services offered to you within seven days of purchase are not within your standard expectations, you get 100% refund. This is because they don’t offer free trials or versions.
They also have business edition packages, priced per seat. They as well offer custom pricing as in the case of large companies. The business edition goes at a cost of $49.99 a month for five accounts, $99 for double the number of accounts and $84 for fifteen accounts monthly.
Payment options are on a very wide scope, ranging from the popular PayPal, Alipay, Bitcoin, Payment Wall, Cashu and even Gift cards among others. After making a choice and paying the required amount in full, you get five licenses and you are provided with an option to add more features which are also well explained and detailed, and you, therefore, make a sound decision.


  • Many servers. The PureVPN has over seven hundred and ninety servers, widespread in all seven continents in a hundred and forty-one countries. This ensures that wherever it is that you are, accessing their services is not limited by your geographical positioning.
  • Multiple Add-ons. On purchase of any package, they provide a list of add-ons ranging from NAT Firewall to Internet Kill Switch, whose information is provided and detailed. There are also no additional costs incurred.
  • 7-day money guarantee. Upon purchase of their services, you are guaranteed of money refund within seven days if the services are not to par with what you expected. As a result, there is no money loss on your side.
  • 24/7/365 Live Chart support. All year round and at any time, the live chat is accessible and the frequencies are strong enough. This supports communication across continents which are safe, secure and discreet.
  • 5 simultaneous log-ins.
  • Largest range of acceptable payments. The payment options for the PureVPN are on a generally wide scope, running from PayPal to bitcoins to gift cards. The options are wide to choose from and whatever your currency is, payments can still be made.


  • No free trials. The PureVPN does not offer free trials for their products. If you realize that you do not want their services after the first seven days of purchase, you have no other option than coming to terms with the fact that your money has gone at a loss.
  • Strict refund policy. The refund period lasts up to and within seven days of purchase, past which you have no option but to use what was provided to you.


As for customer services and support, the PureVPN has it disappointed. To answer any queries, you can choose between sending an email which gets a response within 12 hours or a live chat with one of the customer desk employees. Its website and more so the homepage is detailed based on ways in which you can get back to them and provides useful information.
There are also setup guides for devices, be they Android, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows, OpenVPN among others. Information on the add-ons is also fully provided after purchasing the desired package. They as well provide a list of Frequently Asked Questions which cover almost every need a consumer may have.


The best way to protect yourself, your business and your work from trackers and cyber attackers and be guaranteed of safety is by using the PureVPN. Though stiff competition from other security providers, it still remains unbeatable by a large margin, and it is easy to see why. In terms of speed when downloading, installing apps or even streaming videos, it is the fastest VPN out there. The payment options are within reach and it is evenly spread out on the entire globe. Anonymity is assured as no records of your activities are kept. PureVPN is ultimately the way to go.

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